The Blackhearts are ready to take on the East Coast!

The Blackheart’s trainers know they have themselves a huge opportunity here

Premium level race horses to take on the best racing in WA can throw up. Blackheart’s owners are in a unique position and there is a sense they are ready to win the inaugural TRL competition.

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The Blackhearts are ready to take on the East Coast!

The Blackhearts trainers might come from a diverse background but they all want to win!

They win with 2YOs, they win with tried horses and they want to win for the Blackhearts. With a tried horse ready to race the Blackhearts are ready to win the inaugural TRL competition.

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Blackhearts owner update: Tried horses

While the   search for yearlings is ongoing the Blackhearts have a tried horse ready to run. See how that will place them in the competition.

Blackhearts Trainer announcement

See how it unfolded at the WA Blackhearts trainer announcement.

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With so much happening you can catch up on the latest with this update from Shane Crawford

Team: Blackhearts

State: Western Australia

Colours: Gold and Black

Ambassador: Britt Taylor

Manager: Britt Taylor

What Is in a name?

When it comes to big hearts, (ok may be not Phar Lap big) look no further than Black Heart Bart, a true warrior of the west. Retiring in 2020, he displayed extraordinary durability, still winning Group 1 races as 9 year old.

Britt loves racing

As the daughter of leading WA trainer Jim Taylor (her grandmother was also a trainer) Britt was born into racing. She is the face of racing in WA for Sky Channel, Perth Racing, TABradio and an ambassador for Perth Racing.
Britt became the first female jockey to provide the post race interviews over the Melbourne Cup carnival. She is a passionate racehorse owner and trackwork rider, so you are in very capable hands.
Along with Britt’s extensive racing knowledge, she’s a former Miss Universe entrant and will no doubt add a touch of glamour to the team.

Join Britt in the WA Black Hearts and let’s show Australia that the TRL team from the west is best.

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TRL have employed managers on a requirement of possessing deep industry knowledge, experience and connections to trainers within their state as well as being individuals who have that burning competitiveness and desire to win the competition.

Brittany Taylor

Brittany is the only ambassador who doubles as Black Hearts’ manager as well. The reasoning…Brittany lives and breaths Racing in Western Australia. She rides work and subsequently is deeply connected with WA’s training and jockey community. Brittany is racing in WA and in doing so takes her team inside racing’s inner circle. To have someone who gets her team closer to the daily workings of racing than any other manager is without doubt a massive competitive advantage for Western Australia’s Black Hearts.