Costs & Rewards

Winning is just part of the fun


Well  bred, premium horses are not a guarantee of success but they certainly increase your chances of success. TRL purchases yearlings that would otherwise be unavailable to many owners, in its inaugural year the yearlings purchased were bought for prices up to $396,000

Winning with your mates is a feeling everyone wishes they could bottle! It is an indescribable feel, a moment that you will remember forever. Winning with your TRL team could be that moment for you!

What’s better than boasting about your football team, bragging about the horse you own that just won. Thats right, you might only own a very small portion but you own the horses in TRL!


Purchase Price

An upfront purchase price for each team is $260. That’s right, just $260 to purchase your share of 7 premium horses to race in your preferred team.

Ongoing Fee

To maintain your ownership in your team of 7 premium horses there is the monthly fee of $20 for your first unit, and then only $5 for each subsequent unit. Most people spend more than that on coffee in a month or at the pub on a round of drinks