Love of the Horse

The deep human and horse bond keeps the racing industry moving forward.

TRL shares these stories of the bond they are privileged to be a part of.

The glitz, the glamour and the celebrations on race day is very much the public persona of the racing industry. Jockeys and trainers are among our most famous of sports people in this country…many are household names.

But scratch the surface and you’ll come to appreciate just how small the actual race day is for the horse and for most of the participants.

Here at The Racing League we are eager to take you behind the scenes and share the stories of some of the true heroes…the army of workers who care for the horse like it’s their son, daughter or sibling. The people who work around the clock, through the wind, the rain and the blazing sun in caring and raising these equine marvels.

LOVE OF THE HORSE is dedicated to their stories and naturally that incredible bond between horse and human.

Meet Coral and Jakey

Meet Nikki and Rocket

Meet Amy the Equine Vet 

Meet Louie the Stallion Manager

Meet Pauline the Broodmare Manager

Meet Ali the Rehabilitation Manager