Nominate a name for the So You Think X St Remy colt

This week you can nominate a name for the So You Think X St Remy colt that will race for the VIC Husslers with Ciaron Maher Racing! 

This time round we want names inspired by your favourite Sports Stars 🏏 🏉 🏌️ from your state.
Think Steve Smith for the Tycoons, the Abletts for the VIC Husslers and the incredible Ash Barty for the Rogues. There are PLENTY of sport stars from each state to get inspiration from – so it’s time to get creative! We can’t WAIT to see what you come up with!
Make sure you include your reason for choosing in your nomination and its link to the sporting greats of VIC.

Enter your name suggestion

What is your sports inspired name for the So You Think X St Remy colt going to Ciaron Maher Racing for the VIC Husslers?

Tell us in 25 words or less why and how you came up your name suggestion


How it works


If the name you submit is the name chosen for the horse you will win more than that incredible feeling of thousands of people shouting your name. The individual whose name is chosen by owners will:

  • Personally meet to meet the individual horse, one on one
  • Present the name
  • Receive a framed photograph with the horse


Step One – Find out which horse is being named 

Step Two – Check the theme for that horse name

Step Three – GO FOR IT! Come up with your most creative name possible that suits the horse, the theme and you love. You might even come up with more than one name

Step Four – Make sure it abides by Racing Australia’s naming rules

Step Five – Submit your name with the reason why you choose that name

Step Six – Get ready to do it for the next horse!

So get your pens out and your brains ready to find the perfect name for the So You Think X St Remy for the VIC Husslers.


To find out whether the name you have chosen is eligible click here  

The details

One of the great thrills, and one of the lifetime opportunities of ownership in The Racing League, is naming your horse!

It’s fun, exciting and challenges the creative juices. Imagine cheering your horse past the winning post, hearing the name you created being shouted by thousands of people. It will be a feeling that you will never forget.



In the first phase of naming there are six horses, two from each state. They are:

WEEK ONE (12TH JULY): Fastnet Rock/ Alice Island colt QLD ROGUES

WEEK TWO (19TH JULY): Written Tycoon/Tornado Miss colt VIC HUSSLERS

WEEK THREE (26TH JULY): Hellbent/ Fimatino filly NSW TYCOONS

WEEK FOUR ( 2ND AUGUST): So You Think/ St Remy colt VIC HUSSLERS

WEEK FIVE (9TH AUGUST): Hellbent/Queen of Kandy colt QLD ROGUES

WEEK SIX (16TH AUGUST): Headwater/ Pfeiffer Filly NSW TYCOONS

The remaining six horses will be named in phase two


Names should reflect the individual horse, your state & your team.

A name should be meaningful and include the reasoning behind the name chosen. A name can become so much more powerful when you understand its story.

Names can combine the stated themes with stable nicknames, sire or dam.

Theme 1: Quintessential Icons: Think remarkable towns, suburbs, places, time honoured connections to your state. In short, the essence of your state. The first horses named from each state (Week one/Two/Three) will be a part of the Iconic State theme.

Theme 2: Sport in your state: Think the deep connection of sporting stars, sporting events and the History of sport in your state. The second horses named from each state (Week Four/Five/Six) will be a part of the Sport in your State theme.


Come up with your most creative name possible that suits the horse and the theme!


As per the Racing Australia Regulations names must meet the following criteria

  • The maximum length of a name is 18 characters, including spaces and apostrophes
  • Punctuation marks other than apostrophes are not accepted
  • Names may be rejected if they are difficult to pronounce or read
  • Any name, the use of which would be contrary to law, will not be accepted
  • The Registrar reserves the right to reduce, extend or add a name 
  • A name cannot be repeated for 17 years after the birth of a horse with the exact same name
  • A name cannot be scandalous or vulgar 

A name submission must also be available. Before you submit your name suggestion make sure it is available by checking the Racing Australia Naming Database that can be accessed here:     


To assist owners in understanding and then voting on suggested names, the relevance of any name suggestion needs to be shared.

Only suggestions that are made via the form on site that include the reasoning you have put forward for the name will be considered for team owner selections.



To provide inspiration in the naming process and to learn more about YOUR horse’s personality and traits keep an eye out for: 

  • Video reports from breaker Shannon Betts on their characteristics 
  • News articles for each horse that is being named
  • Player cards, which are actually horse cards describing YOUR horse


  • Anyone can enter suggestions but ONLY OWNERS have final say and can vote on naming
  • A shortlist of at least ten names from the name submissions will be provided to owners to vote on. This shortlist will be based in availability and on theme relevance
  • Each week in the naming phase will see one horse’s name submissions and one horses owner voting process.
  • The first phase consists of six horses, two from each state
  • The second phase will consist of the remaining six horses
  • Creativity and theme relevance are paramount when submitting a name, TRL would love to see original names that reflect the theme, the horse personality and the team
  • Every name submission must be accompanied by a short explanation of the reason why the name was chosen. 


  • Horses to be named announced on the Monday of each new week
  • Submissions will close on the Friday of that week
  • Voting will open from Monday till the following Thursday 
  • The chosen name will be revealed on the following Friday


Click here to view the terms and conditions for this naming