The Buying Process

The Buying and Inspection Process

It all begins with a comprehensive scouting network across Australia. This network is set up to inspect yearlings around the country to create a shortlist of potential purchases.

In Australia, yearlings have a nine-week preparation where they change from newborns into horses. The studs bring their yearlings into paddock at the end of October and begin the preparation which includes an education, dietary and exercise program. This allows owners and buyers to see the potential in each yearling.

While farms are often reluctant to showcase their yearlings until the preparation is complete in December, prospective buyers generally begin their inspections in November.

Every buyer has their own methods and ratings and The Racing League will be using our own unique techniques to create a shortlist to take to the sales. A week prior to the sales commencing, the yearlings will be available for inspection on-site. All yearlings that are on the buy list will need to pass an x-ray inspection by an independent vet. From there, final targets are assessed and the horses are put up for auction.

Prices of yearlings are subjective, with pedigree, horse type and progress all taken into consideration. Our chief bloodstock team will provide regular video updates about the farms and yearlings that The Racing League network have inspected which include:

  • Discussing the pedigree and family of yearlings we look at
  • Discussing the different types of horses from different sire lines
  • Discussing the different confirmation issues, what’s forgivable and what’s not
  • Checking features and aspects of horses, what we like about what certain sires produce
  • Quoting recent results via the stallions, or if the mare has produced significant winners
  • Other relevant information about the studs and horses being inspected

This is your chance to get an insight into the buying process and refine your knowledge of thoroughbreds and the racing industry. It also allows you to experience every step of the owners’ experience, from inspections all the way to race day.

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