If you could re name Incheon Express what would you name him?

Incheon Express, the first horse for the WA Blackhearts, is on his way to the West to be trained by Hayden Ballantyne!

As the first to wear W.A’s black and gold in the world’s first Racing League, he just might command a passionate, West Australian themed name. A name that reflects where he is and the people who support him. A name that has a why behind it, because names mean so much more when you know where it has come from.

If you would like to nominate a name for Incheon Express please do so below and make sure to include the reasoning for the name.

If you would prefer to retain the name Incheon Express we’d like to hear from you as well, just select the question below that call to keep the name Incheon Express.

We look forward to sharing some of the suggestions in the coming weeks.

WA set to take on the Eastern states

with Incheon Express + Hayden Ballantyne