League Ladder

# Team Races Wins Places (2-5) PTS
1 21 6 11 328
2 24 6 9 162
3 20 2 8 90

Last updated: 1st October 2022, 06:00 PM AEDT

*Top 5 results only listed in ladder

*Races shows the total number of races run by the team

Premiership Competition


  1. Each Team will compete in the League, within the bounds of each individual state’s jurisdictions. All Teams must comply with the Principal Racing Authorities rules and regulations.
  2. Each Team and associates agree to be bound by the relevant rules and regulations of the Principal Racing Authorities and that of any overriding governing body.

Awarding of Points for Premiership Ladder 

  1. Points to be accumulated over the 12 months of The Racing League Season which will run from Everest/Caulfield Cup day to Everest/Caulfield Cup day the following year. (Apart from Year 1 which commenced May 1, 2021 & concludes on Everest/Caulfield Cup Day 2022).
  2. Premiership Table to be updated as soon as feasible after runners official results have been recorded
  3. Points allocation table by classification
  4. “Pop up” races will be classed as Listed where they have earned Restricted Listed status as per The Australian Pattern. Otherwise, “Pop Up’s” will be classed as Metro Races.
  5. The category of races are in line with industry standards and will come under the guidance of Principal Racing Authorities in their respective jurisdictions. Example: Standalone meetings at provincial and country tracks can be deemed Metropolitan Races.
  6. Highway Races along with Midway races are also counted the same as Metropolitan races
  7. Any alterations to points in respect to The Racing League ladder come under authority of TRL Directors
  8. There may only be one designated Metro and Provincial meeting in each state per day. All other meetings will be classified as Country.
  9. Other considerations given when constructing points scoring system model;
  • All Tasmania race meetings classified as Metro
  • All ACT (Canberra) meetings classified as Non-Metro 
  • Northern Territory – Predominantly all metro/provincial meetings
  • Victoria – Does not have provincial classified meetings

Ranking of Teams at end of Season 

  1. TRL shall maintain a Premiership Ladder that determines the position of Teams competing in the Premiership Competition. The ranking of Teams on the Premiership Ladder at the completion of the Season shall be determined in accordance with the following procedure: 
  2. the order of Teams shall first be determined by the number of Premiership Points accumulated by each Team, by placing in descending order the Team with the highest accumulated Premiership Points through to the Team with the lowest accumulated Premiership Points; 
  3. the Premiership Points accumulated by Teams shall be adjusted if necessary and at any time, to take into account any changes in the Official Race Results as provided by Racing Australia
  4. where two or more Teams have accumulated the same total of Premiership Points, the Team with the highest number of Group 1 wins shall be placed first.
  5. Where two or more Teams at the completion of the Season have accumulated the same Premiership Points and have the same Group 1 wins, the following procedure shall apply: 
    • the higher number of Group 2 / Group 3 wins
    • the higher number of Listed wins
    • the higher number of Metro wins
    • the higher number of accumulated wins
    • where two or more Teams still remain tied, the position of the Teams shall be adjusted by lot conducted and drawn by the CEO of TRL, so that any Team drawn ahead of any other Team shall be placed ahead of such other Team or Team