Racing a horse for the first time or getting involved with a new stable doesn’t have to be daunting but it’s likely you may have a few questions. TRL operates a transparent operation and is happy to answer your questions. You might find what you’re looking for in the FAQs below.

But if your question is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fast 5’s

Where you ask the questions and TRL answers.

What is the difference between someone who owns a horse outright and me buying a 1/10,000 unit? For example, how do I get owner benefits like mounting yard access if there are 10,000 owners?

You’ll get the full race day experience with other owners. Special trainer and jockey briefings before and after race. There’s a 20 person limit on mounting yard entry for safety reasons. You’ll be notified of a ballot system earlier in the week, which will be managed over time to allow as many owners as possible to enjoy the ultimate race day experience.

What happens if all units in my team aren’t sold? Do the team still buy six horses? Is the team at a disadvantage in the TRL

Provided the minimum threshold of 2500 units are sold, the team will go ahead, however, there will be less money in the ‘salary cap’ to buy horses for your team”

Can 10 friends buy together and get subs discount?

No. At $260 per unit there is only one person eligible for each unit sold.

When does subscription commence?

$20 subscriptions commence as soon as you purchase your TRL unit, the monthly payments are not backdated.

Is there a disadvantage in the TRL for any particular State – I.E. less quality races to earn points from?

No. Whilst the points system is based on prize money and some states have higher prize money than others, we believe this is offset by the fact that racing is more competitive in those higher prize money states.

If I buy one unit and someone buys 10 do they have 10x influence on decision making?

Yes they do. 1 unit equals 1 vote. If you buy 10 units you have 10 votes

Can you switch teams within the TRL – I.E. if I want to take an open place in a higher ranking team if someone else drops out?

No, loyalty is encouraged. However, you can have ownership in more than one team.

What happens if I pay $260 then can’t afford to pay subscription?

Unfortunately, if you cannot afford to pay the subscription or annual $60 team horse acquisition contribution, you surrender your ownership rights.

Is there a discount for paying subscription up-front?

There is no discount for an upfront subscription payment.

Why is TRL better than being in a punters club?

No comparison. A Punters Club isn’t ownership of a horse, let alone 6 premium horses and all the benefits that go with it.

Why is TRL better than paying a small share in a syndication or sharing cost of a syndication unit with a group of friends?

TRL buy better quality horses and TRL costs are lower at buy in and monthly.

Can I sell my unit and transfer ownership?

There is no option at this stage to resell units. However, in the future this may be an option.

Do we make any new units available – current team owners first?

All teams will be capped at 10,000 units

Where does my $27.50 per month get spent?

Your $20 is an all inclusive charge for training, health and upkeep – feeding, vets, transports etc

Is there discount for multiple unit purchase?

Yes, on the monthly charges. For all subsequent units purchased after the first in the same team, the monthly charge is only $5 not $20.

Can I watch my horses' race live through TRL, or do I need the Sky Racing Channel?

You can watch your horse run through free services at Racing NSW website (Qld and NSW races) , Victoria and South Australia through Racing.com or the Sky Channel App.

What happens if one of my horses is retired during the Season?

TRL is fully committed to the ongoing welfare of your horse in retirement. However, from a competition perspective, If your horse is retired during the season, it will not replaced until the following season. 

Can I bet on my own horses?

Yes, there is no restriction on backing your horse.

Can I get better odds on my horse through TRL betting partner?

The TRL are currently in negotiations with a major betting partner for exclusive bonuses for TRL members.

How do we appoint trainer? Can we change trainers?

Leading trainers will announce their availability to train for the TRL and will be selected by team members through a draft voting system.

How do I vote for major decisions?

Simple, through your TRL app on your mobile, laptop or desktop device, the in-house tech process has been created for all voting.

Will you introduce me to other team owners?

Yes, its maybe the most important element of TRL. You are very much part of a team or a tribe. There will be exclusive team gatherings, race day functions and massive online engagement.

How does draft work? Why can’t my team buy its own horses at auctions?

The TRL will operate like so many major sports around the world on a draft system. All horses will be a common pool and be part of a draft, allowing owners to vote on horses they would like in their team. This will provide a level playing field for all teams.

How often will I receive updates on my horses?

You are due to receive at least one update per week, per horse. When your horse(s) are racing you’ll receive a number of weekly reports.

If there are limited spots at events, how will they be allocated?

TRL intends to accomodate all members, if particular events are over subscribed a ballot system will be employed.

Can I join whatever team I like? Is there a disadvantage if I select a team not in my area?

Yes, you can join whichever team you like. The only disadvantage is it is likely that the majority of raceday events will occur in the state of origin

What are the rules for TRL?

Too many to name here, please refer to the TRL Guidelines.

What is the prizemoney for winning the TRL?

We are hopeful of a major announcement regarding a gigantic party to celebrate the inaugural winners of the TRL. Negotiations are underway please stay tuned.

Can U18’s purchase?


How are winnings distributed?

The Racing League keeps no prizemoney. ZERO! After standard deductions for trainers, jockeys & welfare fees all the prizemoney goes to unit holders on a quarterly basis.

How often will my horse race?

It’s always hard to gauge, on average 5-10 times a year. Clearly if all six horses are up and running the value proposition is enormous.

Can I meet my horses?

Yes, you are an owner. The TRL will have organised stable visits and functions.

Can my horse run anywhere in Australia?

Yes, the team horses race in the normal racing ecosystem. Meaning metropolitan, provincial and country meetings not only in your state but any state. The better horses will follow the big prize-money carnivals.

Can a team sell a horse?

Yes, and all TRL horses must go through a public auction. If horses are unable to be commercially sold, it is the commitment of TRL to provide rehoming of our horses.

Can horses be purchased outside Australia?

Yes, while the majority yearlings will be purchased from the major domestic sales, horses may be purchased internationally.

Am I exposed to any legal or insurance risk as a team owner?

No. Please note however that horses owned by teams are not insured by unit owners; this means if there were to be an untimely death of one of your horses, you would not receive financial compensation.

Do I get access to priority ticketing for big race days?

The TRL is working together with The Principle Racing Authorities and Race Clubs on exclusive packages.

When a horse is retired what happens? Am I up for on-going cost?

TRL is committed to ownership with responsibility. All horses that are unable to be sold commercially will be rehomed. There may be a small fee to accommodate the rehoming process.

How do we improve my team if we aren’t winning?

Each team buys a new horse(s) every year. This ensures new blood is always coming into your team as any slow or injured horses retire.

How will I know the history and background of my horses?

Absolutely, it’s all part of the “ownertainment” experience of TRL. Full pedigrees of your horse will be provided as well as expert comments from our bloodstock agents about the horse’s bloodlines.

Where will my horses be stabled?

Most likely, in the state where your team is based. It is expected that four horses will be trained in the Metropolitan area, and two trained in non-Metropolitan areas. However, this will be considered in conjunction with the particular horse’s ability.

Are there penalties if I need to cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your membership, you could incur a cancellation fee, depending on circumstances. When you cancel a membership you waive the rights to any prize money payments or future benefits.

Can I join multiple teams?

Yes, you may purchase units in multiple teams.

Will all my horses run in a similar amount of races?

Now that’s impossible to tell. Some will race much more than others.

What decisions will I be a part of making?

Each owner will get to vote on team horse selection & trainers.

How do I update my personal/payment details?

Easily, just go on line and update details or contact TRL for assistance

Will there be travel packages for me to attend races that my horses participate in interstate?

The TRL has ever intention of providing travel packages for interstate runners.

Is my subscription on an annual basis? Will it automatically roll over? Is there anything I need to do to renew it?

The unit price is $260, with an ongoing contribution of $60 for the purchase of new horse(s). The intention is your team will increase by one horse each year (two purchased, one traded, one sold) until reaching a maximum of ten horses. At the maximum of ten horses, only one horse will be purchased, with one traded and one horse sold or retired.

Will there be TRL and team merchandise available?

Yes, an extensive range of TRL merchandise will be available online.

Does my $20 give me access to any owners events?

Your $20 gives you access to team events such as stable visits, exclusive webcast events.

Is there a maximum number of units that I am able to purchase?

A maximum of 50 units are available for each individual.

When can I expect the yearlings in my team start to race?

All yearlings differ in their development into race-ready 2-year-olds. The mandate to our bloodstock team is to purchase horses that they see as athletes and ones that can deliver TRL owners racing experiences for years to come. With this in mind, the horses will tell their trainers if they are mentally and physically ready to race as early 2yo’s. We will always prioritise the horses best interest in when and where they race.

Can I purchase if I live overseas?

Unfortunately we can only process payments to Australian Bank accounts. You would need to provide an Australian BSB and Account Number to receive prize money.
If you live overseas we can apply a credit to your TRL account to go towards your monthly fees.