Our aim is to make racehorse ownership affordable and accessible to everyone. Find out what it costs to own a stable of racehorses competing in The Racing League here.




$27.50 – PER MONTH

To cover all costs associated with the training and welfare of your stable of horses, as well as all other operational costs to sustain your ownership, there is a monthly $27.50 contribution which is paid directly into your unit trust.

Your $27.50 covers all of the following costs for all of your horses




Physical & Mental well-being




Trust costs

ONE TIME – $260 ownership unit

To secure your racehorse ownership and to fund the purchase of your stable of horses, a one-time $260 fee is applied to every ownership unit purchased. 

This amount is paid directly into your unit trust and is a one-time fee upon joining your team.

ANNUAL – $60 horse acquisition FUND

To ensure your team continues to strengthen each and every season and to enable you to manage the natural churn in your team due to horse retirements or sales, every owner in each team contributes $60 per ownership unit once per year to fund the cost of purchasing new horses for your team.

The number of horses purchased each year is dependent on the amount of funds in your team’s trust account and the amount of a horse that is purchased. There may be times when a fantastic opportunity arises to purchase a percentage of a horse in partnership with other buyers, enabling you to get the best possible horses racing for your team.

The $60 annual contribution is deducted in the first three months of the new calendar year.


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