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“An Amazing opportunity to be involved at the highest level” Deb T

“It’s an amazing experience!” Derek I

“Best value horse ownership in the country” Jeff L

“I love the experience” Pat A

“The best thing I ever got involved in” Tracey K

“Absolutely amazing experience” Anne A

“By far the best experience in Racing” Daryl R

“It’s just simply the best fun I have had in years” Colin N

“Absolutely love it!” Rick A

“The most fun you can have without spending a fortune” Deb T

“A great way to be involved in a fantastic sport” Ken W

“I Love being able to say I own that horse” Cameron M

“The raceday owners tickets was an unreal experience!”  John G

“Watching my horse run is next level” Jeff H

“The best experience for minimal outlay” John s

“Great fun experience ” Shayne W

“A brilliant way to be a part of the Racing industry”  Peter S

“An amazing experience all round” Brad M

“Absolute fantastic way to get into ownership without the normal pitfalls” Melissa B

“It has simply been an exceptional experience to-date” Peter S

“I could not be more praiseworthy of the whole experience”  Brian E

“Raceday experience is phenomenal” Clinton M

“Would highly recommend joining in on the fun” Jeremy K

“Great value for money” Bernard S

“It is a great thrill”  Peter B

“It’s awesome!!” Chris L

“Having a ball!” Tony W

“It’s Brilliant!” Ryan A

“It is the best thing we have done”  Pamela O

“TRL ownership has been unbelievable, such an exciting experience” Adam B

“I am very happy, it’s a very good experience!” Hayden C

“The experience has been brilliant so far” Andrew K

“A great experience not to be missed, Giddy Up!”  Judi M

“Living the dream, loving the excitement and thrill of watching my horses race!!” Leanne M

“TRL is the best experience!” Simon K

“Great experience and a load of fun!” Darren F

“A great way to enjoy horse ownership”  Cheryl V

“It’s the best time of my life!” Cherilyn H

“I love it!!!!” Robin W

“It is the best way to own a racehorse” Darren B

“TRL go above & beyond to keep owners informed”  Jodi L

“Raceday when your horse is racing is an absolute buzz!!” Robert H


“It’s not the first horse I have owned but it is by far the best experience I have had owning horses” Ben C

“Great to share highs & lows with other owners” Dave B

“Best decision I made”  Evan R

“Absolutely loving the experience!!” Daniel B

“TRL is the most amazing horse racing experience” William C

“I love having a runner almost every week” Anthony C 

“I highly recommend this”  Andrea H

“There is nothing better than seeing your horse hit the track and win!” Dan L

“Unbelievable up & personal experience” Chris D

“It is always exciting” Sue M 

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