October 12th 2023

The Racing League has announced an incredible change for owners for the duration of Season 3 which commences on Sunday 15th October 2023 and ends Thursday 31st October 2024.

In a game-changing move, The Racing League is offering owners the chance to win over $250,000 in cash throughout the season based on how their team performs in the League.

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Every month, owners across the three racing league teams will claim over $17,000 in cash prizes based on where their team finishes in the ladder for that month. For the 1st placed team $10,000 is up for grabs, with 1 owner winning the lot or a maximum of 10 owners sharing the pot, finish 2nd and there’s $5,000 to be won and 3rd place receives $2,500 – every single month.

And for the team crowned Season Premiers, one owner from the Winning team will walk away with $50,000!!!

How The Racing League works is simple, you buy a share in one of the 3 state-based teams that are competing in the League, and you immediately own your share of all the horses in that team. Every time one of your horses runs and earns prize money, your team earns the equivalent amount of prize money in points on the TRL ladder, it’s that simple.

In Season 3, every single race matters.

Owners are in for a thrilling Season, with exciting horses in each team, and now the opportunity to win big every single month, it’s certainly a game-changer and will be a tonne of fun for owners.

Click here to read the terms and conditions here.