Building A Warchest

Jan 22, 2021

Did you know that all proceeds from team units sold in TRL are held in individual team trust accounts?

Did you also know that 100% of these funds are used to purchase horses for your team?

The good news is that units are continuously selling each day, and with the yearling & tried horses sales season upon us, your war chests are building to ensure you get quality horses for your team.

In its simplest form each team works as follows:

  • All proceeds from team units sold are held in individual team trust accounts
  • 100% of these funds are used for that teams buying budget


The yearling sales season

  • Magic Millions January 12
  • Perth Magic Millions 15-16th February
  • Inglis Classic 7-9th February
  • Inglis Premier Sale  28th Feb – March 2nd
  • Magic Millions Adelaide sale 9th-10th March
  • Inglis Easter Sale 6-7th April
  • Concludes Magic Millions National Yearling Sale 2nd- 4th June


Tried Horses

The Racing League is managing the budgets of each team so that yearlings can be acquired whilst at the same time looking toward acquiring tried horses for teams.


Protecting all teams

Of course there has to be a team that is running fourth in terms of units sold. This may fluctuate from time to time however we don’t want any team to be disadvantaged by early unit sales perceptions.

TRL management have hence made a policy of not disclosing unit sales on any teams in the interests of protecting all teams.


Units are continuously selling…war chests are building

Each day that goes by sees the trust account of each team further grow. In doing so expanding the opportunity for teams to acquire the best horses possible. Over the coming months, each day that goes by team coffers will expand further. Where these trust balances end up will determine the final budgets and the horses that can be acquired over this period.


You can now influence what plays out here

Hence The Racing League will over the next few months be building trust balances and at the same time will be purchasing premium level horses. During this time there will be heavy engagement opportunities for team owners. 

What horses end up in your team will depend on how many of your friends and family you can convince to buy into your team and which horses you vote for in the all important upcoming Racing League drafts.


Never before has there been an opportunity for you to select and own your players, in a team that you don’t just cheer for, for the first time in this team, you actually own the players.