Countdown to Christmas: 11 Reasons Why YOU Should Join TRL

Dec 14, 2020

Still not sure what all the fuss is about with horse ownership? Well with 11 days to go until Christmas (Yes only 11!) We here at TRL have put together a little list to help you understand why the gift of ownership in 6 premium race horses in The Racing League is a great Christmas present.


  1. 6 race horses, WOW that’s the gift that just keeps on giving
  2. Not one horse to fall in love with, but SIX
  3. A gift that delivers every Christmas with the purchase of two new horses for YOUR team “each year”
  4. A great excuse to get out of house work and go to the races, the pub or the club “to watch my horse or horses”
  5. Boasting rights with family, friends or work colleagues “I’m a race horse owner, in fact, I own a share of 6 racehorses”
  6. Great excuse to jump up and down like an idiot in front of the TV, cheering for YOUR horse
  7. Great excuse when you come home late “sorry, just be out celebrating my horse winning”
  8. Meet hundreds of new friends with a common interest
  9. Be the envy of your friends with inside stable video reports from high profile trainers “Ciaron Maher just told me my horse worked exceptionally on Thursday and will win on Saturday”
  10. Access to exclusive on track events on big race days “Boss I need a day off, I’m off to the Cup carnival”
  11. Access to exclusive travel opportunities “Royal Ascot looks nice”


With so many great opportunities coming as a result of joining TRL it was a tough struggle restricting it to just 11…Next year we might have to start the countdown 100 days before Christmas to fit everything in.


Feeling Nice? Buy a gift card and spread the joy of ownership with a friend or family member HERE!

Feeling Naughty? Buy a share and enjoy the life of a horse owner all for yourself HERE!