Did you know?

Jul 22, 2022

By Terry Kennedy

It’s that one week in the year Terry Kennedy has headed North with his family and left the office for a crocodile infested creek.

We all know Terry Kennedy lives and breathes sport and has from an early age but sometimes it’s the details that tell you the most about a person and we’ve got some TK details for you straight from his long time friend Brett Greene for you to get to know the real TK.

Tipping comes naturally

Everyone knows TK loves a great tip. When he leaves the office on a Friday his last words are often, what’s your best tip for the weekend? And it doesn’t have to be just horses, TK loves league too.

Not everyone knows though that TK grew up penciling for his dad, a bookie, at the dogs and trots in Sydney. You would find him out there every weekend and some might say that’s where he got the bug.

TK was in your living room in the 80s

Well he was if you were in QLD! TK read the sports news back when it was Channel 0, before it became Channel 10 in Brisbane. 

And for those QLD locals, every Sunday night when it was pens down, TK would head to the Breakfast Creek Hotel for a steak with his mates. Competing stations couldn’t keep mates apart as TK, Billy J Smith, Patty Welsh, David Fordham and Brett Greene ate away the week’s stresses on the best steak in town. We just can’t tell you what happened after the steak!

Last hurrah at the Melbourne Cup

The first Tuesday of November is one of the biggest days on the racing calendar, it’s the day when horse racing is the only topic of conversation, friends and family enjoy each other’s company over champagne and legends of the turf are made. 

For TK it marked the end of an era and the start of something that would still be standing today. TK will admit, with a little prompting of course, that on a boys trip to the Melbourne Cup in the nineties guilt got the better of him. In what might be considered a well lubricated conversation TK rang his then partner and declared his love, and the need for someone to look after him better than he was, and asked for her hand in marriage. And today, as you read this, he and his lovely wife are on holidays with the mostly grown kids in the Northern Territory. Thanks for looking after this lad Karen

And the winner is Sidenay!

No not NSW Tycoons, Sidenay, the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney. 

The 2000 Olympics in Sydney is where TK made his Olympic debut. His debut as a TV host for Seven that is. It was 24 hours a day for the fortnight of the Olympics and a time that TK will cherish for life. TK will often tell you a snippet from when he was walking the halls at 2am ready to beam Sydney and Australia to the world in international interviews. It was a proud Aussie moment for a sports mad journalist.

“Have a look at those legs”

TK spent 19 years at the Big Sports Breakfast radio show. A time where he started the day alongside horse trainers with a 3am alarm. But even now, years after he has mastered the sleep in til 7am he cannot live down one line, “Have you seen the calves on TK?”

Yes you read that right!

It was only a few weeks ago when TK dropped by the BSB and the line came out again and the discussion around why TK has melons for lower legs happened again. No one has the answer but next time you see TK you might need to ask him to show him yourself!

TK is the friend everyone wants to have by their side and the person who, despite needing to be looked after every day by Karen, is dedicated to his work, his friends and to sport. TK is the man everyone will have a red wine with and the one who’ll be at trackwork the next morning. He is an unstoppable force of fun and passion in The Racing League and he’s only just warming up.