Etched In Time just needs time

Feb 20, 2024

By Terry Kennedy

If there’s any consolation with Etched In Time finishing a disappointing 7th at Muswellbrook on Monday, maybe we can take a line through his NSW Tycoons teammate Sidenay.

While Sid has won 3 of his last 4, it did take him 16 starts to break his Maiden. A bit of a slow learner.

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long for ‘Etch’ but he’s always been a bit of a class clown and the penny certainly hasn’t dropped with him yet.


Sure, the Muswellbrook track was a Heavy 9, and while he probably didn’t thrive in the conditions, jockey Ash Morgan didn’t use that as an excuse.

Etched In Time was going to run a clear second to the favourite Adagio before “getting up to his old tricks in the concluding stages” trainer Richard Freedman said.

“I’m the first one to say a horse is slow when it is slow, but it’s not that this horse can’t win races, he can win races.

He’s just a dunce, a slow learner. Ash Morgan said he was going to run a clear second, but when he lost contact with the winner he started to run about, he gave him a hit with the whip and he ran away from it again, he changed hands and he ran away from that again.

Ash said it’s not lack of ability it’s lack of application. He just wants to do what he wants to do and he’s always been a bit like that,” Freedman said.

“This horse can win races, It’s just that he’s a dunce, a slow learner”  Trainer Richard Freedman


Etched In Time gave jockey Ash Morgan a nice feel but just wanted to run around in the concluding stages.

“I think he’s got decent ability and will win some races, it’s like an arrogance and dumb kind of thing for him, that he always wants to go the other way to where you want him to go.

I was going to run second but he just wanted to run all over the place late, he didn’t help himself.

I feel like he can improve with racing, but he’s obviously a slow learner. He’s going good enough to be winning races.” Morgan said.


Richard, who travelled to Muswellbrook and saddled up Etched In Time, has seen this before many times with horses in his care, and don’t worry, it frustrates him as much as you.

“The only way we are going to get this horse to win races is we are just going to have to run him and run him and run him, and eventually, the penny will drop.

And when he wins his first race, I bet you he will go on and win a couple. He’s a frustrating horse because he does have ability,” Richard said.

We all look forward to that talent being transferred to a win on track.

As the legendary Bart Cummings said “Patience is the only thing that is free in racing but the hardest for people to have.”

Bart was a wise man.