From the Horses Mouth: A word from Penso a Lei

Sep 5, 2022

By Terry Kennedy


Gidday Tycoons…Penso here

I heard a couple of rumours going around the Warwick Farm stable that it was time for me to put my best foot forward when we travelled up the M1 to Wyong. 

A few of my mates at the stable said our boss Joe, yeah thats right Joe Pride the head trainer was concerned that maybe I wasn’t putting in, you know doing my best.

I can’t believe that, now Joe has just had a knee operation and I can’t see him enjoying running around on all those shifty, chopped-up, water-logged surfaces they’ve had me racing on. 

I don’t like any surface worse than a Good 4, that Soft 5 at Wyong was okay but I’m clearly special.

My dad So You Think was a fair dinkum swimmer, but they tell me Dawn Fraser’s daughter couldn’t swim and neither can I. 

Anyway, I keep a close eye on the weather forecast every night and although they had some showers on Saturday night it was good to see some blue sky and drying conditions when we arrived at Wyong. 

Those Tycoon owners peering over the fence also seemed pretty nice, they were keen to give me a pat and wish me luck so I thought let’s give them something to cheer for. 

I probably would have liked to have led but that bloke from Perth Willie Pike made me take a sit and when I tried to push out on the corner the gap closed too quickly and we had to switch back to the inside. 

I just ran out of ground otherwise I would have won for sure and that Pride bloke would have been eating humble pie. 

A narrow unlucky third, don’t worry Tycoon owners I’m back.

Just make sure Joe finds me a firm surface and I’ll give you that win to help spearhead the Tycoons up The Racing League Leaderboard. 

Isn’t everyone over the rain, come on it’s Spring let the sun shine. 


Yours truly,

Penso A Lei