Have you ever dreamt of owning a Cups horse?

Sep 17, 2021

By Terry Kennedy

Owning and racing a horse that competes in some of Victoria’s renowned Cups is one of those life experiences most of us have dreamt of at some stage, but never thought was possible. Well, now it is by joining the Vic Husslers 6 Horse Racing Team.

There’s something special about owning a stayer, admiring their endurance, character and will to win. Having your heart in your mouth for 2400+ metres is what attracts the likes of leviathan owner Lloyd Williams, who has to his credit lived so many of these unforgettable experiences. 

The problem for most of us is that to be a player in these Cups races you need to be a risk taker, enable years of big money flowing out the door and possess a lot of patience, as most Cups contenders take time and a lot of it.

Enter The Racing League where @$200 & owning in the Vic Husslers this is no longer a dream.

Last week The Racing League was fortunate to purchase a regally bred Irish stayer who is ready to put himself forward as a Cups contender. Which Cups races will he compete in? Well that is something the racing gods will decide upon shortly. His equally regally bred trainer is justifiably excited, as per his reaction this week when told of the news.

This son of champion sire Galileo is currently being renamed The Captain (formally known as Yulong Captain). He’s ready to hit the track NOW and you can buy into this last start winner and Cups contender instantly for just $200 per ownership unit purchased.  

In buying into The Captain you also become an owner in The Vic Husslers where you will also own 5 other premium racehorses trained by some of Australia’s best trainers.

The Racing League is about making unattainable dreams an affordable possibility. The time for Cups dreaming is now over.