Have you heard how to be a part of the biggest financial contest in Australian Sport?

Jan 7, 2022

Very few people know that they can now be a part of the biggest financial contest in Sport. It’s just not what comes to mind first when you think of enormous sporting paydays.

No, it’s not the Australian Open, an Ashes Test or even an AFL or NRL Grand Final. It’s something that happens on race tracks each year when a cheque for up to and beyond $40 million is written to the owners of a newly created stallion.

Let’s face it, it is a longshot of happening, but it does happen like clockwork and it is more than any other sport in this country can provide. And it doesn’t stop at $40 million.

So how can a stud pay $40 million for a single racehorse?

The short answer is that stud owners want the chance to breed another superstar, one that could be as good as the stallion they purchase. One that could win the Blue Diamond or the Golden Slipper and then in turn be sold as a Stallion. And if the Stallion can show that he is capable of passing on his genes he can then have a career that spans many years and many many millions of dollars in service fees.

Take a look at two Stallions entering the twilight of their Stallion careers. Fastnet Rock + Exceed & Excel who have produced over 2000 and 1500 live foals respectively. Generating returns for their owners of around $100m each. And that is the all empowering financial return that drives the massive prices paid for leading colts each season!

Looking just at the 20/21 season the aging Sire Fastnet Rock still turned over $7million. While the top two younger stallions have already turned over $25 million. That’s a lot of reasons to pay $40 million for a product that can keep on earning  tens of millions of dollars every breeding year.

Before you shrug your shoulders and say that’s out of reach for me or I just can’t afford it, it is possible and now you actually can afford it.

Eureka Storm is a young colt with Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr at Price Kent Racing for the VIC Husslers that is on the path to The Blue Diamond, one of Australia’s Stallion making races in Autumn. He trialed this week under the guidance of Jye McNeill, yes that Melbourne Cup winning jockey Jye and Jye’s cheeky smile was getting owners of Eureka Storm excited. Or maybe it was the suggestion that Jye made in his post trial comments that Eureka Storm “could not have be more impressive today” in his trial.

Click here to listen to Jye’s comments following the trial. 

For a first trial this was a very encouraging performance and with a Blue Diamond campaign now a distinct possibility this has those that dream of stallion outcomes with a spring in their step this week.  

Check out the vision of the trial below:

While across the QLD border the QLD Rogues owners have their sights set on their exciting 2yo Fastnet Rock colt named Greylander. His trial back in October was raw, but his talent was clear for all to see. Remembering the process of a race can be taught, talent cannot, everyone is looking for talent.

Click here to listen to Tony Gollan’s owner update back in October at the conclusion of Greylander’s first preparation.

These two colts are leading the Stallion dream for TRL owners in the VIC Husslers and the QLD Rogues and it was $200 that got them started. At $200 you can own your share in these colts, plus five other premium horses in each team. Join the VIC Husslers, QLD Rogues or NSW Tycoons in TRL and it just may prove to be an Autumn ownership experience you will never forget.