How to Choose a Trainer

Oct 22, 2020

Wow…this is a long, complicated and imperfect process.

The guidelines can go anywhere from winning strike rates, Group 1 successes to who’s the best to have a beer/champagne with or even pick up the bill after the celebratory Chinese dinner.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself when choosing a trainer:


  1. The trainer impressed you when they were interviewed on TV?
  2. Is he or she a good person?
  3. What’s their track record look like?
  4. Are the stables clean and tidy?
  5. Do they train in the city or in a rural environment?
  6. Would you prefer to be with a large operation 60 horses plus or a boutique operation 40 or less?
  7. Have they had a good horse before?
  8. Have they improved a horse from another stable?
  9. Have they won a Group 1?
  10. What is their strike rate?
  11. Do they love the animal?
  12. Have they had success with a particular stallion?
  13. Did they train the mare?
  14. Are they a good communicator?
  15. Do they provide regular video & audio updates?
  16. Do they allow stable visits?
  17. Do they allow you to attend trackwork?
  18. Are they a good trainer of sprinters or stayers?
  19. Were they the underbidder on the yearling at the sale?
  20. Can they attract decent jockeys?

There’s some of our suggestions, you may even be more confused now than you were before.

We are now keen to hear your key criteria in choosing a trainer. Let us know


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