If you could own one, who would you choose?

Feb 24, 2022

Hang onto your hats, the ownership experience is about to go into hyper speed for owners in The Racing League, with star 2YOs across 3 teams set to grab the headlines.  

If you could own one of these 2YO purchased for more than a million dollars combined, who would you choose? 



January 4, 2022: Eureka Storm dead heating to Blue Diamond second favourite Lofty Strike. Click here to view the trial.

January 10, 2022: Eureka Storm runs 2nd to Counttheheadlights, one of the main contenders in this weekend’s Blue Diamond. Click here to view the trial. 

This is serious, big race form. And there is some genuine excitement about this colt. Mick Price is a stallion maker and this vision is still firmly in his sights. Eureka Storm returns to the Price/Kent stable in two weeks. 

If Mick’s vision was to play out, Eureka Storm is set to deliver his owners the experience of a lifetime.



Luna Rocks: Sister to a Magic Millions winner in Shaquero.

Whilst a filly may not present the mind-blowing financial blue sky of a colt that subsequently becomes a stallion, the probability of an outcome is significantly greater for the girls. Luna Rocks provides her owners with a really good example of this.

And if the smile on her Golden Slipper winning trainer’s face in this update is anything to go by, this is where things could get a bit exciting for Tycoons owners in Luna Rocks. 


Greylander: White Line Fever for the race track

Greylander: Relaxed stable dude

Greylander: Cult grey for the QLD Rogues 

This is a colt who is a favourite amongst his carers at Gollan Racing. This is no doubt because he is a very attractive grey, but also because of his multiple personalities. Firstly it is his relaxed off the track persona. And then there is his ‘game day’ attitude that, just like a good footballer, seems to hit a switch as soon as he enters the race track.

The listed trial over just 650m was the first tick in the box.There are a number of potential career making races looming on the calendar for Greylander. Excitingly for his owners in the Queensland Rogues, these present during their own Queensland Carnival.

So just for fun, we would love to know which horse you would choose if you could only own one of them. *Try and put your parochial biases to the side when voting 😜

Who would you choose?

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