Why One Horse Is Never Enough

May 20, 2021

The thrill of watching your own thoroughbred passing the winning post first on the big stage is a thrill that can barely be put into words. Queens pursue it, Sheiks pursue it, billionaires pursue it. Thoroughbred racing captivates so many people who could afford any sport yet they choose racing. Now you can too…

So just what is it about the thoroughbred that makes it so special and coveted by so many of the worlds most successful people?

We spoke to Francis Cook, who alongside his equally passionate wife Christine, have become one of Australia’s largest race horse owners. The Cook’s seemingly always race in partnership with others and hints at why they are so involved in racing – the people.

The joy they find, the friendships they make and the wonderful social occasions that racing delivers them is paramount. But ownership is even more than the personal connections. We asked Francis and Christine directly what it really means to them.

  1. Tell us what is it about the thoroughbred that draws you so passionately to ownership in such a big way?

Firstly, I truly love the regal Thoroughbred. It’s magnificent body, fluid stride, intelligence, simply a regal creature.

Secondly, the thrill of seeing a horse you own, even a small part of, turn up on race day as a competitor.

Thirdly, the immeasurable thrill of racing with other like-minded friends or acquaintances who share the joy of being a player in the growth, development and racing of your own horse.

Fourthly, the thrill of winning! This is hard to achieve but what a feeling when you do.

  1. Of all the horses you have owned over time… If there was one particular horse that you have bonded with, who was it and why?

Despite winning 8 Group Ones with others, my favourite was and still is HADAAF.

Selected with Joe Pride for $25000 as a tried horse, the ghostly grey won thirteen city races nearly always leading the field. My wife Chris and I leased him to friends to race with us. He put it on the line, loved wet tracks, hated Randwick and other horses. Now 16 years old and white, Gwenda Markwell loves him and has him educating young horses at Kembla.

Christine and Francis Cook, jockey Brenton Avdulla and trainers Lee and Cherie Curtis with the trophy after Lasqueti Spirit won the VRC Oaks in 2016 at odds of $101

An unforgettable moment in the ownership journey for Christine and Frank Cook and for all in racing was when trainer Lee Curtis won the VRC Group 1 Oaks in 2016 with Lasqueti Spirit at $101. Lasqueti Spirit, who had not won in nine starts and was coming off an unplaced run in Class 1 company at Kembla Grange, surprised her rivals, trainer and owners when she went lengths in front early in the race and then refused to stop.

With the money that Christine and Francis Cook won from the victory, they decided to put a chunk of it aside to give Lee and Cherie Curtis a chance to target the 2018 2YO Magic Millions Classic against the “big guys” in racing. They decided to do this in order to give small-stable trainers Lee and Cherie Curtis a chance on the biggest stage, something they wouldn’t have been able to do without the support of the Cooks.

“Without him, I doubt any of us would be here,” Lee Curtis said about Francis Cook following Lasqueti Spirit’s victory at the VRC Oaks.

Christine and Francis Cook have always been one of the Curtis’s biggest stable supporters, as they love providing smaller trainers with the opportunity to experience racing on the big stage. Above all, they love the connections they have made through ownership, and the thrill it brings not only to them, but to all involved in the racing industry.

So what does The Racing League offer?

Francis & Christine Cook have been very successful in their chosen fields. You can experience premium thoroughbred ownership on the big stage alongside Francis & Christine for a fraction of the cost.

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What are our Owners Saying?

After the NSW Tycoons saw history made for themselves and The Racing League we asked them on what it felt like knowing they were apart of such a momentous occasion. 

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