TRL owners are about to embark on the ultimate shopping spree, it’s not a trip to Myers, David Jones or Tiffany’s, instead you are off to the Inglis Easter Yearling Sales on April 6 & 7.

Trust me,  it’s fascinating.

Every horse stall is a shop window and since birth these youngsters have been constantly readied for this very moment – The Easter Sales.

Thousands of hours of dedication from tireless staff monitor their progress from birth to weanling now yearling. Constant checks are made of their feet, bone structure, conformation, soundness and overall medical condition. Do yourself a favour, make the trip to the William Inglis Complex at Warwick Farm (40km west of Sydney) TRL owners are buying – we’d love to see you there.

Here’s some light hearted advice.


  1. Do attend it’s FREE entry
  2. Don’t wave a fly away you could accidentally buy a horse
  3. Do enjoy the entertainment facilities at the William Inglis Hotel
  4. Don’t enjoy yourself too much & get carried away bidding
  5. Do grab an egg and bacon roll “they are fantastic”
  6. Don’t spend more than you have
  7. Do check out the Inglis pool bar overlooking Warwick Farm Racecourse
  8. Don’t buy what you haven’t seen
  9. Do get the horse vetted (including x-rays)
  10. Don’t sit on the sidelines, get involved through TRL Ownership

It will be a lot of fun…see you there.