Kim Waugh’s Next Star

Feb 12, 2021

By Terry Kennedy

If you watched the TRL trainer pitch from Kim Waugh, you’ll understand that not only does she love her race horses, but Kim is just an animal lover in general.

Arguably the most famous of all creatures on Kim & Mark Waugh’s farm at Wyong is BULLY – the miniature donkey. Bully has proved a social media phenomenon, has featured on Channel 7 and the Sunrise program.

For those unaware of Bully and his antics take a look at what Kim shared last month.

His antics from stealing food from the kitchen, to chasing visitors has now gone to a new level. Last week Bully tried his luck again and being the stubborn natured donkey that he is, came for a second attempt to drive their tractor.

If it’s a faster ride than his own four legs that he’s looking for, Bully might need to try out a quad bike. Who knows, at this rate the next time we see this loveable character he might be trying to sneak his way into the barriers at Randwick.

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