Nine reasons why Helluva Barty is like the Queen of the Court

Jan 24, 2022

By Terry Kennedy

Who’s a part of the Barty Army? We are!

With six striking horses in the QLD Rogues vying to be at the top of their game it is only natural that one of them would share a name with the current World No.1 Ash Barty. Ash hails from QLD and they are all in it to win it and the steel of Barty is on show right now in the Australian Open. We hope our Barty can take after his name sake, and here’s nine reasons why he just might.

Reason #1: Determination

Ash Barty is number one in the world – need any more convincing she’s determined? Helluva Barty pushed through the furthest in his first stable prep than many other TRL 2YOs, that’s his first step in the determination stakes direction.

Reason #2: Fire in the belly

Need proof Ash has fire in the belly, watch her comeback in the Adelaide International where she rallied from a set down to beat American Coco Gauff 4-6, 7-5, 6-1. And when Helluva Barty puts it all together he can run them down! He wants to win, he just has a little more growing and learning to do but he’s heading in the right direction. 

Reason #3: Strong Shoulders

Reason #4: Tenacious

Demolishing opponents in under an hour. Reminding your trainer who’s the boss with a nip. That’s tenacious covered!

Reason #5: Not the giant of the course

At just 166cm Ash Barty might not tower over anyone and neither does Helluva Barty. But don’t let that fool you size doesn’t make you go fast, it makes you use every muscle available!

Reason #6 They both have brown hair

And what lovely locks they both have.

Reason #7: Excellent agility

What Barty lacks in size he makes up for in agility. Her court coverage is second to none. Helluva Barty pleased in all his cross disciplines in training to follow in Barty’s footsteps.

Reason #8: Supportive teams around them

Barty knows the value of her team and family around her, no one can question Michael Costa is part of the future of QLD racing. He is intelligent, hard working and has great attention to detail. He believes in Helluva Barty and so do the QLD Rogues.

Reason #9: A proud Queenslander

Goooooooo Queeeeeensland!!

We’re with the Barty Army and Helluva Barty, and you can be too. Just join the QLD Rogues and join the excitement of a six horse racing team in the sunshine state for just $200 and $20 a month.