Apr 8, 2022

By Terry Kennedy

With the reports constantly flowing in for all 18 horses in The Racing League, we thought it was fitting to showcase one from each team on a weekly basis.

Sidenay is ready to race and has now been nominated for two races next week. Kim Waugh is pretty happy with him leading into his debut race next week at either Hawkesbury on Wednesday or Wyong on Thursday. Check out the latest update below:

Eureka Storm had a great update come through today from the Price Kent Stable. They couldn’t be happier with him and he is set to trial in 3 weeks time. Check out the update below:

Since joining the O’Dea and Hoysted yard, Helluva Barty has continued to impress in his work and is now ready to trial as early as next week! Check out the latest update below:

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