Ownership – What’s in it for Me?

Nov 3, 2020

By Terry Kennedy

Horse Ownership: What’s in it for me – the bond between you and your horse

Horse owners celebrations are iconic, and there is a very real reason for that. Their horses are their family, they are their mates and when they win, you win.

Race day however is not where this incredible bond with your horse starts. It starts at the yearling sale, developing throughout the education process all the way to the first time you can give them a pat and introduce yourself. You and your race horse are in this together.

Learning to be a racehorse is a process full of passion and it starts in the early hours of the morning. Starting work 7 days a week at 3.30am takes a special kind of person but ask any trainer and they will all say the same, they do it for the horse.

Watching your horse graduate to the track gives you that same feeling as when your child starts school, your horse has well and truly become a part of your family. Your horses are honest. Their drive to always do their best is what will have you telling the story of their first win with a tear in your eye for years to come.

Until the birth of micro ownership those who enjoyed horse ownership were from the elite upper classes. TRL has been designed to allow everyone to experience the thrill of ownership and live the life of a racehorse owner without the big financial risk.

Winning isn’t always guaranteed but the incredible connection you will develop with your race horse is. There really is no other feeling like it. Owner units are still available in four TRL teams, purchase yours here.