Race with a Mate in QLD

Feb 2, 2021

By Terry Kennedy

If COVID 2020 has taught as anything, that is… life is for living and nothing can be taken for granted.

So with one of life’s great experiences now made affordable, ‘Race with a mate’ in Queensland is  now a real option! The Racing League is offering up the chance for 100 people to own their share in 6 premium racehorses at purchase price of $200. And then get your mate along for the ride in TRL!

Who is your chosen racing mate?

The next 100 people to purchase their share in the Queensland Rogues, in the world’s first Racing League @$200 per ownership unit, will win another unit to give to their chosen mate. 

In an experience that delivers years of lifetime memories, that positions two mates to race together 6 premium race horses with some of Queensland’s premier trainers in The Queensland Rogues.

Owners in the Racing League brings with it decision making. In January, Queensland trainers were selected by The Rogues owners. The all star team is made up of Tony Gollan, Rob Heathcote, Toby and Trent Edmonds, Chris Munce, Chris Anderson and Michael Costa. Queensland is blessed by the quality of trainers that will be representing them in the world’s first Racing League.

Something for you

In addition to securing the mate of your choice an experience that will further bond the two of you for life, as a reward for being the one to make this happen… The Racing League will shout you a Queensland Rogues cap -we will send this directly to you. This offer applies to the next 100 Rogues owners only.

How to Race with a Mate

Simply enter the code QLD in the FRIEND REFERRAL CODE box when you checkout and TRL will be in touch within 24 hours to give your mate their unit.

Please remember that there are ongoing fees associated with TRL ownership