Nov 16, 2022

By Terry Kennedy

Racehorse Ownership – The PG Moody Experience

He is one of the great characters of Australian racing. He is also one of the best racehorse trainers this country has seen over the last 20 years.

Peter Gordon Moody is the trainer of The Vic Husslers 3yo The Big Freeze. And despite running first and second in his last two starts Moody’s honesty prevails in his updates to owners.

Sometimes owners are told what they don’t want to hear

That is the personality of the man and adds to TRL’s racehorse ownership experience, where sometimes owners are told what they don’t want to hear. Great trainers, affordable racehorse ownership, and sometimes a controversial update from a great personality of the sport.

To his credit, Peter is happy to be proven wrong with The Big Freeze and he “is on an upward spiral”. Listen here