Six Reasons Why You Should Own A Racehorse (Or Six)

Jun 15, 2021

By Terry Kennedy

Whether you’re a sports nut, a regular racegoer or simply a lover of horses, nothing beats the experience of owning a premium racehorse. Here’s why.


1: Race day experience

You know that exhilarating feeling you have when you’ve put $5 on a horse and he’s leading the pack with 150 metres to go? Now imagine that feeling when you have more than just $5 on the horse. Imagine that feeling when you own the horse. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping – or the emotional attachment stronger – than when your own horse is competing. Especially when you’re there in person, watching it race amongst the other owners. The Racing League experience gives you all of this and at a price that won’t break the bank. The emotional connection with the horse you just can’t get as a punter, plus a private area at the track for all Racing League owners to watch the race once all teams are off and racing.


2: Getting to name the horse

Ever seen a ridiculous name for a racehorse and thought you could come up with something better or funnier? As an owner you get a say in the name of your racehorse and get to choose whether it’s a funny name, a link back to its pedigree, a personal anecdote or something entirely different. As an owner in The Racing League you are able to submit and vote for your preferred name for the horse, as well as help create the shortlist of names. Naming will open in July, make sure to keep an eye out on our socials for the announcement.


3: VIP access to the horse

Don’t worry about trying to catch a glimpse as the horse is led away from the track after a race, as an owner you are treated like royalty. It is your horse and you get to see, meet and touch it. This is where lovers of horses see the true value in racehorse ownership. At The Racing League, you get the full ownership experience no matter how many units you own. You have the opportunity to visit your horse at the stables, you’ll get to go to the holding pens during barrier trials, you’ll pat your horse, have photos with your horse. The Racing League owners have unique access to their horse.


4: Get the inside information

As an owner you are able to find out exactly how your horse has been performing at training, how it has been behaving and get a good idea of its prospects going into the next race. As an owner with TRL you will receive a weekly video update from the trainer and the stables, updating you on every aspect of your horse’s life.


5: Let your friends know about it

Everyone has that mate who brags about buying a jetski, or the neighbour who always tries to one-up you. As a racehorse owner you can now claim one of the biggest status symbols: owners a race horse. It doesn’t have to be a competition though, it’s just as fun to own a horse with friend and with The Racing League – ownership is affordable for all Australians.


6: Australia’s best trainers are now affordable

Gai Waterhouse, Peter Moody, Tony Gollan and Jim Taylor are all household names in the racing industry – and some of the names are familiar to those who don’t even follow racing. For decades, having a top trainer with a quality horse has cost thousands of dollars but right now you can own a unit trained by one of the mentioned trainers for less than a cup of coffee per week. For the full ownership experience that doesn’t cost barrels of money, The Racing League is the way to go. No matter if you own one unit or 20, each owner is treated the same and gets incredible access to the horse and other benefits.


To join the fun & the thousands of other owners already on board become an owner today!