Stable Whispers: Moody Magic

Aug 31, 2021

By Terry Kennedy

The Racing League is an organisation whose absolute obsession is to enable real Australia to compete on Racing’s biggest stages. With this in mind we have decided to share with you a quick blog whenever we see something we think you just should be across. This might be a quick video, or an insight from TRL’s leading trainers and experts. Either way, if we share it via this “Stable whisper” blog, know we are doing so because we think it could lead to some seriously exciting times.

He is a man who has pretty much done it all in racing so we will embrace the fact that Peter Moody calls all things racing, just as he sees it. It is for this reason that when you receive an update like this on one of your horses you probably need to take note. Hence we are sharing it with you now in the case you want to be a part of this journey. Not one to fluff up expectations, this report just in for Vic Husslers owners might just be a sign of a horse who is getting ready to rock and roll in the Victorian Spring.

And in the interests of demonstrating just how straight P.Moody shoots, we have included some of his comments over time that may not please all, however absolutely give hope to the heartbeat of the Australian larrikin.  Australia is in unquestionable need of more personalities like P.Moody.

Australians as cannon fodder?…“I’d love nothing more than to see her come out and win by 10 or 11 lengths,” Moody said. But he said such a performance would be saved for an Australian racetrack. “The Poms have been using us Aussies as cannon fodder for 150 years so we’re not going to put on a show just for them.”

On Black Caviar…“We all saw the best local horse Frankel win here on Tuesday, but he’s never going to leave the UK, his owners will never take him away from home. But this mare’s owners have had the balls to put her on a plane and travel halfway around the world.That is something phenomenal”.

“I had people asking me about it straight away, and the questions about Luke went on and on. I felt like throttling them. One bloke blurted out: ‘Is Luke’s job in jeopardy over that?’ I felt like smacking him in the head. The fastest horse in the world has just won a Group 1 on your home turf, and you just want to talk about the jockey”?

Discussing a 2015 prize money freeze…“I’m either good for the game or bad for the game — get your splinters out of your arse and make your mind up is what I’m saying.” 

On the whip rule…“Just leave it to the stewards. These racing bodies, they are tying the stewards’ hands. We pay the stewards and they are professionals, let them adjudicate and don’t go tying their hands with ridiculous rules — and stop trying to appease the greenies, tree-huggers and minority groups.”

On COVID… “It’s made life full-stop very different, not only racing, but everything. We are very blessed that the racing administrators and authorities have seen fit to keep racing going. I think racing participants themselves should be extremely proud of the way they have worked hard to make sure everything does keep going.”

Selling Sandown racetrack…“Just because it’s an extra 5km from South Yarra and Toorak and wherever the executives that are making this decision might live … look after Sandown, save Sandown.”

Discussing Australian trainers on a world stage…“I think the Australian trainers do a hell of a job and I honestly believe we’re as good as any mentors in the world,” Moody said. “I really believe with the challenges that are faced by Australian conditioners, the climatic changes and the vast distances we travel to race our horses, I think we have to be as good, if not better than our counterparts around the world to overcome those conditions to just get on a level playing field.”

And there we have it folks, our first edition of Stable Whispers! I am sure we will be seeing many other larrikin moments from VIC Husslers trainer Peter Moody, especially when it comes to the Pride of Dubai x Just Add Water colt. The best is yet to come!