Stable Whispers: The world is full of the ordinary!

Sep 6, 2021

When Eureka Storm’s breeder Ron Gilbert touched base with Michael Kent this week his quest was to gain an insight on what he should be doing with Eureka Storm’s mother Tornado Miss. I.E. which stallion should he send Tornado Miss to this breeding season.

The whisper is that Eureka Storm is going to be given his chance to be that horse that we all dream of owning. If he is, this has significant implications for owners in the Husslers. 

Also Ron, who as the breeder, was very much encouraged to fork out the $165,000 to breed his mare back to Eureka Storm’s sire in Written Tycoon. With the view of breeding a full sibling to Eureka Storm. If it plays out that Eureka Storm is that horse, the value of the full relation can be mind blowing.

Written Tycoon has never been priced at $165,000 before. For a stallion who has risen from his first season at stud where he was priced at $8,250, this is an example of one of racing’s glory stories. As a stallion he now generates revenue for his owners of circa $20m per year 😳! That is of course a dream as Hussler owners we can partake in.

The reason Ron is being encouraged by the Price/Kent stable to ante up and go back to Written Tycoon, well you be the judge. In the interests of not getting ahead of ourselves we will leave it at that. View the latest update from Mick Price below: