The Importance of Tried Horses

Feb 11, 2021

YOUR teams are building. 

TRL foundation yearlings are in place courtesy of YOUR nine purchases at the Magic Millions Sale on the Gold Coast. 

Now it’s time for phase two, the search for the “right” ready to run horses to join your respective teams. 

The Racing League’s Bloodstock team is hard at work scouring the country far and wide, exhausting our extensive industry contacts to find the right horses to get you to the track and cheering on the players in YOUR team.

It should be said that this is not a straightforward process. There is a significant amount of effort and resources going into this process. Our goal is to find Tried horses who are going to deliver for you for many years to come. It is definitely a challenging task, however your Bloodstock team is up for it.

Firstly what is a tried horse or a ready to run horse?

  • A tried or ready to run horse is typically of 2years of age and up
  • Has been broken in and at least been to the barrier trials
  • Probably already had some starts and maybe already had wins at the track
  • Has shown ability and still has wins or certainly competitive future ahead

TRL will be searching for the most competitive tried horses to give owners that “unbridled thrill” of race horse ownership. 

So what should TRL members look forward to with the purchasing of tried horses: 

  • Getting ready to go to the track as an Owner
  • Putting the beers and champagne on ice for celebrations
  • Designing silks for your particular team
  • Boasting to your mates “I have a horse running on Saturday at the track”
  • Organise your friends and family to get to the track or cheer together a pub, club or home
  • Start studying the form, it pays to know your horse but also the opposition
  • Plan your attire
  • Go shopping, maybe a new outfit is needed
  • Find your “lucky” outfit (Winx’s owner Debbie Kepitis wore the same “lucky blue dress” for all of Winx’s 33 straight wins)
  • Wait anxiously for the TRL trainer reports, how did your horse work, what times did it run, what’s it’s level of fitness, what did the jockey say. 


The bonus of tried horses is they are ready to go or close to it, which means you are now one large step closer to going to the track as an OWNER.


Now’s the time to join a team and get involved. Limited shares are still available in all teams. Join the thrill of ownership and purchase your shares HERE.