The Search Continues

Jun 10, 2021

By Terry Kennedy



The Queensland Rogues owners were on the verge of securing a talented, unraced three year old who had recently won his two trials. After doing the necessary homework, The Racing League Bloodstock team agreed and all that was needed was for the horse to pass the vet.  Suffice to say there was an issue with the vet discovering an “unforgiving fault” which precluded the purchase.

This was particularly frustrating as this horse is ready to go to the races and The Rogues were within 14 days set to see their teams colours become the second TRL team to be off and racing.


TRL is conscious of delivering the best possible ownership outcomes and treating YOUR MONEY like it’s our money. We are committed to purchasing horses that will deliver longevity within your respective teams. There are thousands of horses currently participating in racing, but believe that we need to remain true to our criteria.



  • Horses capable of winning in the metropolitan area midweek and competitive in Saturday class
  • TRL Form Experts “passes” the horse (may include potential for improvement in different jurisdictions or environments).
  • TRL Vet “passes” the horse after x-rays, scopes, physical inspection
  • TRL management negotiates the purchase price commensurate with horse’s ability.
  • TRL management negotiates purchase with existing owners who must “want to sell”



While it’s frustrating for all concerned, it illustrates the care that is being taken to ensure the best possible experience for TRL Owners.


The search continues.


Terry Kennedy

TRL GM of Commercial