The Thrill of Premium Thoroughbred Ownership

Jun 10, 2021

Nothing compares to the moment you see your own horse parading in the mounting yard. It’s like seeing your baby’s first steps. Especially if it’s your first. Premium thoroughbred ownership is special.


Hearing the pre-race comments exclusively from your trainer and jockey, explaining their vision of how they believe the race will play out. Listening to where your horse will sit in the field. Will it sit two back on the rails and make its move on the turn, or is the plan to lead from start to finish? There is no way to explain what goes through an owner’s head when watching their own horse make their way out to the gates. There is no way you can understand it if you watch without the bond of thoroughbred ownership and love between you and your own racehorse – you need to feel it yourself.

Waiting anxiously for the race to begin, it’s simultaneously the best and worst feeling in the world, as so many different scenarios play out in your head. You can’t help but wonder – could our horse win this race? Is that actually a possibility? This race? Today? More importantly, though, you want your horse to finish the race safely and without injury. They are family, and you always want the best for your family. This is the feeling of immense compassion associated with thoroughbred ownership, it is a real connection between you and your thoroughbred.

Of course, you want a good result out of it, but your main concern is for your horse’s wellbeing, proving that thoroughbred ownership goes way beyond the world of punting. The most amazing thing about thoroughbred ownership is that this maelstrom of emotions is felt by all owners, whether you own a small share of it or all of it.


The incredible emotion felt by the owners of Winx before, during and after every single race she ran is just incredible. This wonder horse brings the entire community together even beyond the world of racing, continually drawing in record crowds to race days just to see her in the flesh. What is even more astonishing is the effect that the roaring crowd had on Winx herself as she raced. It’s as though she responds to the intense cheering of the crowd as she comes around the home bend, and it somewhat encourages her to finish off the race in pure Winx fashion.

The reactions are real, the love is real, and the emotions are raw and pure every single time she stepped out onto the track. That is what racing and thoroughbred ownership are all about, it is a heart-stopping thrill for all involved and it is a unique experience to be shared with family and friends. Over the past month, NSW Tycoon owners have been able to experience the thrill of race days as The Sherpa debuted on the track at Mudgee and Doomben.


The Sherpa made his racing debut in Race 1 at Mudgee last month and followed up his maiden performance with a run in Race 3 at Doomben 2 weeks later. The experience was described by owner Daz who attended The Sherpa’s first race: “Exactly the feeling I was looking for when I joined the TRL”. Sue’s takeaway was the thrill of watching the race from the other side of the fence stating “How cool was it watching the race as a part owner!!”

Owners in The Sherpa were able to come to Mudgee and into enemy territory up at Doomben to watch their colt debut. From the day all of our owners bought in, they have received weekly video updates on their stable of young yearlings and for those in VIC & NSW, regular updates on their ready to race horses in Bellinger and The Sherpa.

The pre-race jitters were evident amongst all owners before the race, as they watched on anxiously as The Sherpa jumped out to the gates for the very first time. The emotions continued to build as they all gathered together by the finishing post to watch their boy, with many just wanting him to make it through his first race with no injuries or health concerns to follow.

The love that was shown on this day; the camaraderie and the bond among all NSW Tycoon owners who weren’t known to each other before this was so special to watch and be a part of, as well as the pure admiration and love they all so clearly felt towards their boy, The Sherpa.


They were sharing this amazing ownership experience, and all owners said it didn’t matter win or lose, they would be proud of their young colt regardless. Hearing owners say these things confirmed just how strong the bond really is between owners and their thoroughbred, and how special racehorse ownership truly is.

Owning a racehorse is a new experience to try, and it is now made affordable and available to everyone through The Racing League. It’s never been a better time to join the thousands of Australians who are now sharing new experiences together as premium thoroughbred owners. For the first unit bought in any TRL team, owners pay $20 each month to cover costs and care, which drops to $5 per month for the second and subsequent units bought in that same team.

Become a part of something truly unique and special and discover the heart-stopping thrill associated with thoroughbred ownership. You won’t regret it! Ownership units are available in all teams and can be purchased HERE.