Tips For Naming Your Horse

Oct 8, 2020

As a TRL owner you get “your say” in naming not one but the six horses in your team. It’s just one of the many key decisions you’ll make as an owner.

It’s a stack of fun naming your horse…but harder than you think!

We are going to challenge you to come up with the most creative, inventive, clever and constructive name you’d like for your team’s horses.

There’s also been tens of thousands of names you’ll think are really cool but have already been taken. Like “Pistol Nights” which was one of our personal favourites.

There’s lots of rules that govern the racing industry including the naming of the horse. Here’s are just some of guidelines to help out when choosing a name:

  • The maximum length of a name is 18 characters, including spaces and apostrophes.
  • Punctuation marks other than apostrophes are not accepted.
  • Names may be rejected if they are difficult to pronounce or read
  • A name cannot be repeated for 17 years after the birth of a horse with the exact same name

To make sure you have your say in your horses names, become an owner now.

Become an owner here.

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Now get cracking and have some fun!