Trainer Pitch: Danny Williams

Nov 30, 2020

The Racing League is not just about the big name City trainers.

I think we’d all agree that some of the most talented “horsemen” are based in our country areas, it seems to come naturally to them.

Danny Williams from Goulburn is one such trainer, a son of a jockey, a jockey himself, a man of the land and as “tough as nails”.

A few years ago, Danny had a riding accident which left him with a shattered pelvis, an open book fracture…basically ripping his lower body in half.

Months in hospital, numerous operations, plates and screws inserted…Danny has made a full recovery and is a prolific trainer of winners out of his Goulburn stable…and now he wants to train for YOU and the NSW Tycoons.


Video Credits: @Rorison_Media