Apr 1, 2021

With the excitement of seeing your horses racing around the track becoming a fast approaching reality, Steve & TK are here to provide you with an update on the purchasing process and status of acquiring tried horses for your team.

When looking for your team’s perfect horse the team at The Racing League look for well kept horses that meet the following criteria:

  • Passes our independant vets longevity assessment & criteria
  • Sits within TRL’s value proposition
  • Can deliver city class racing outcomes for you and your teammates throughout the racing calendar.

Listen in to TK & Steve breakdown everything you need to know about what it takes for our teams to get race ready.

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Tickets are now available for Victoria, WA & NSW with QLD’s owner event to be announced in the coming days! These exclusive events are your chance to experience the thrills of ownership and cheer home a winner on race day!

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