Find out why TRL is delivering so many smiles

May 3, 2022

By Terry Kennedy

Racing is a tough game. It is an expensive game. And winning is not easy. But TRL owners who spend just $260 to purchase a unit are smiling in every state. Do you want to know how? Read on.

The Racing League (TRL) is challenging racing’s reputation that you either need freakish luck to win via a cheap horse, or more likely just truck loads of cash. It has already purchased more than $4million in racehorses yet is delivering ownership at just $260 per unit. $4million in purchases has delivered 21 racehorses, a mix of yearlings that are just hitting the track and ready to race horses that are already winning races. It is more than a numbers game though.

TRL is delivering 21 premium racehorses and herein lies the key to TRLs success. In a word – Quality.

From TRL’s first 29 races, 9 of them have been winners. Delivering a mind-blowing 31% winning strike rate. 

TRL is made up of three state based teams. The NSW Tycoons, QLD Rogues and VIC Husslers each of which own 7 horses. Most of these 7 horses are only just now making their debuts which really adds weight to this 31% winning strike rate.

Who is oomph behind The Racing League?

Aside from expensive horses made affordable, another reason for TRL’s success is the fact it is backed by some of Australia’s most experienced horsemen. Some serious expertise have got together and combined they are proving a lethal combination 

There is the renowned vet Johnnie Walker whose ‘yes’ and ‘no’ calls are absolutely vital to long term viability of TRL’s chosen horses. 

Michael Malone brings with him an ability to see something in a young thoroughbred that most can’t and he heads up the Bloodstock selection process. 

And then there is TRL’s mysterious tried horse/form expert who is reported to be one of Australia’s most ruthless analysts of a racehorse’s performance. It is said he is a big believer in empowering the broader racing community into ownership and TRL will tell anyone, we are very lucky to have him working alongside us. TRL just aren’t allowed to reveal a name. 

So long as more Australians can afford to enjoy racing we can live with the mystery. Let’s be honest, the unbridled thrill of regularly winning races with your fellow owners is all that matters.