How To Nominate Your Bank Account For TRL Prize Money Payouts

Prize money distributions over AU$10 are payable to eligible TRL owners to their bank account.

Prize money distributions currently occur four (4) times per year, after the end of a given prize money quarter which occurs on a February, May, August and November quarter-end calendar.

When you are eligible for a distribution of prize monies to your bank account, we require you to supply us with valid Australian bank account instructions. 

You can provide these easily through our app either via your smartphone or your desktop computer. 

Update your bank detail following these easy steps:

1. Open the TRL app.

You can either download it onto your phone:
or view it on your desktop by following this link

2. Select your team stable* e.g. NSW Tycoons

3. Select My Payout Details

4. Select Edit Details

5. Enter your Account Name, BSB, Account Number and Bank Name > Select Save Details

Ensure your BSB is 6 digits in length. If your BSB is less than this, please enter leading zeros e.g. 001234.
Ensure your Account details are no more than 9 digits.
Do not use special characters or letters in either the BSB or Account Number inputs – only use numbers.


  • If you own multiple teams, you must update your bank details for each team separately in the app. 
  • The $10 distribution threshold is calculated at the team account level NOT at the TRL account level. This is because team distributions are managed via separate trust accounts.

What happens if your bank details are not received or are incorrect?

If there are any issues with the details that you supply we will attempt to reach out to you.

If for any reason we do not detect any issue and your payment fails as a result or you do not supply us with Australian bank account details or if your distribution is below our AU$10 threshold, your distribution will be credited to your TRL team account and applied against your next bill.

Need Help?

If you have any issues or are unable to access our app you can contact our support team on 1300 771 913 during our standard weekday business hours.