The butterflies, the nerves, the anticipation starts days out from the big event. 


You study the form, get the final word from the trainer, pick out your finest threads to wear to the track in the hope of being up close and personal with the horse you own. 


There’s a spring in your step arriving at the track as an owner, attaching the owner’s ticket to your handbag or suit jacket. 


Then it’s off to inspect the horse you OWN at the race day stalls, checking in with the stable staff meeting and joking with fellow owners. 


You might have a quiet drink just to settle the nerves and then it’s your race and your turn to enter the industry’s inner sanctum that is the mounting yard. 


The trainer wanders in and then your jockey enters the pair taking you inside the tactics and race plan which you trust will lead to victory. 


Along with listening to instructions you then make your way from the enclosure to an exclusive owners area where you join other TRL owners to watch your horse. 


As the field thunders down the straight you’ll be on your feet and ideally celebrating like only owners can.


You’ll then rush from the grandstand down to the yard again. After hearing from your jockey and trainer post race it’s off to the winners room for a champagne or beer that has never tasted so good. Here you can re-watch your race surrounded by your TRL Teammates.


Your race day ownership experience – Priceless!