The “Sport of Kings” is well-named due to the significant expense associated with owning racehorses. It has, therefore, for hundreds of years been dominated by the wealthy. 

Owning elite racehorses has previously been unachievable, with most of us destined to watch a sport we love from the sidelines.

There is today, however, a revolution underway created by micro ownership.

A company called miRunners blazed the micro-ownership revolutionary trail 5 years ago when they bought expensive horses and divided them into 1000 ownership units. Including a fantastic Everest experience that made ownership in the world’s richest race affordable.

As a result, thousands of people previously shut out from the sport have enjoyed top-level racing as owners themselves on Australia’s biggest race tracks.

Achieving the previously unachievable

Racehorse owners in The Racing League

The same innovative mindsets behind miRunners have progressed that initial micro ownership offering into The Racing League, captured here are TRL owners enjoying a raceday experience as owners at the World’s richest turf race, The Everest.

Own 7 racehorses for just $260

TRL enables you to buy your ownership unit of 7 racehorses for $260. TRL makes expensive horses affordable and, in a short space of time, has delivered owners over $600,000 in prize money. 

With quality of TRL’s horses is outstanding, with owners having been on a Melbourne Cup campaign with Team Captain and a Caulfield Guineas campaign with Lethal Thoughts. 

The promise of premium racehorses is appealing and certainly delivers TRL owners with a lot of excitement. 

Important! Do your own research

Since the launch of micro ownership five years ago, there have been a number of similar offerings. The results you enjoy on the track & the experience you receive as an owner will be determined by the proven experience and track record of the people behind each micro ownership offering. Make sure you explore all offerings well.